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Francisco Hodge
Full Stack Web Developer


I am Francisco Hodge, a Full Stack Web Developer based in Montreal, Canada.

I have the pleasure of taking part in exciting projects across industries, tackling mandates such as API design, mobile and desktop development, Big Data programming, among others.

My work ethic is based on building scalable, maintainable and peer-friendly code.

Here are some of the technologies, platforms and languages I’m familiar with:


Web Development :
• Javascript ES6, TypeScript, NodeJS
• React.js, AngularJS, Angular2, jQuery, Knockout.JS
• PHP, Python

Frameworks, CMS , eCommerce:
• Chameleon, Pyramid (Python)
• Laravel, Magento
• Freemarker (Java)
• WordPress
• CakePHP

Big Data Technologies :
• Amazon Redshift (PostgreSQL)
• Amazon EC2
• Amazon Glacier, S3
• REST APIs (Node, LAMP, MEAN, or Python/Pyramid based)

App Development:
• React Native
• Apache Cordova (Phonegap/Ionic 1, 2)
• Ionic, NW.js
• Xcode (iOS)
• Android Studio, Eclipse

Server Management:
• Bash, Powershell, Node scripting
• Git (Version Control)
• Performance Analytics (DataDog, NewRelic)
• Jenkins

Database Experience:
• PostgreSQL
• SQLite
• RAM (Memcached, Redis)

Design / Video Editing:
• Adobe Photoshop
• Adobe Illustrator
• Adobe InDesign
• Adobe Premiere
• Sony Vegas